Current Corporate Issues

Emergency Preparedness and Readiness

It is our responsibility to have in place a comprehensive Emergency Plan for the citizens of Burlington. The City is taking steps to test and refine the Emergency Plan to be in the best possible position to react positively to an emergency situation. It is also our goal to provide the necessary training to staff so they are ready and can confidently take appropriate action.

In addition, the City is also undertaking Business Continuity Planning so that City services can be provided during an emergency, or shortly thereafter, for the Community.

Smart Growth Initiatives

The City is currently preparing policies and undertaking research on Smart Growth principles in our community. Our involvement in this matter is in a number of ways, including an Official Plan Update and Mayor MacIsaac's participation as a member of the Smart Growth Panel.

Burlington Hydro Initiatives

As the single shareholder of Burlington Hydro, the City is eager to ensure that the Hydro provider has a sound and responsible business plan for its sustained operation. Burlington Hydro will be ready to provide the necessary services to the community following the deregulation date and well into the future.

Staff Development and Retention

The strength of the City's operation is the staff involved in all areas. In order to maintain these high standards, the City is addressing issues of staff development to provide staff with the latest innovations to maintain our excellent customer service levels that the community has come to expect. A key factor is to retain staff and their extensive experience is to provide them with development opportunities and tools so they can do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

New programs dealing with Work-Life harmony will be a contributing factor towards productive employees.


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