Permit Issuance Listing

The Permit Issuance Listing is a monthly report which includes all Building Permits Issued over the previous month.


  • For ANY type of permit applied for by a private individual, their information will not appear on the report
  • On privately owned Residential Properties, applicants and locations will not be listed
  • Pool and sign permits are not included on this or any report produced by the Planning & Building Department

Request must be accompanied by:

  • Completed Monthly Checklist form
  • Payment can be made in person, by mail or by fax. If not in person or by cheque, a Credit Card Authorization Form may be used.
    • Individual Month - $5.00 a copy plus HST
    • Yearly Subscription (January - December of the same year) - $50.00 plus HST

Delivery Options

Post - 12 self addressed/stamped envelopes large enough to accommodate a report 8 1/2 by 11" in size averaging 10 pages must be provided at time of application

By email - For electronic copies please provide your e-mail address

In person - Contact the Planning and Building Department

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