Freeman Station Relocation

Community is invited to witness Freeman Station’s historic move

The Friends of Freeman Station have confirmed that the historic train station will move from the Burlington Fire Department headquarters to the station’s new location the week of Sept. 9. The community is invited to attend this historic event. (news release)


Freeman Station Model

Visit the Moving the Freeman Station Fact Sheet for more information.


City, Ashland Inc. and Friends of Freeman announce move for historic Freeman Station

Freeman Station, built in 1906 by the Grand Trunk Railway, is being moved from Burlington Fire Department headquarters to corporately-owned land, thanks to an agreement between the city and manufacturer Ashland Inc. The relocation was approved April 30, 2012, by City Council, based on a proposal by the non-profit community group Friends of Freeman Station.  [news release]

 old photograph of Freeman Station

 Freeman Station with train tracks in foreground

Freeman Station is a historic 1906 railway station that was saved from demolition and relocated to a temporary home at the Central Fire Station on Fairview St. in 2005 until a permanent home could be found.


On January 17, 2011 a report regarding the Freeman Station Request for Proposals (RFP) Process was presented to the Community Development Committee.

The outcome of the RFP process was that no compliant proposals were received within the prescribed time frame.

Report: Update on Freeman Station Request for Proposals (RFP) Process

City approves formation of ad-hoc Freeman Station citizen committee

The following recommendation from the Community Development Committee, was approved by City Council on January 31, 2011.

Approve the establishment of an ad-hoc citizen committee under the leadership of Councillors Meed Ward and Lancaster to look at options for saving the Freeman Station, excluding sites rejected by the previous Council and allowing for considerations of public money and community fundraising, with direction to report back on the progress of efforts by April 30, 2011.  (PB-9-11-1).

City approves formation of ad-hoc Freeman Station citizen committee - Media Release, February 4, 2011

Video Link - 2013 Councillor Meed Ward discusses the Freeman Station Citizen Committee

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