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The City of Burlington is reaching out to teens in the community to find out what they want in terms of programs and services.

You know what you like, so now we want you to tell us! Follow us on Twitter to get daily updates on programs and events happening in your neighborhood. Stay in touch with the Youth Department and let your voice be heard.

Fill out this survey to help us provide better services for you.

You can find us on Twitter: @Burl_youthvoice

Burlington:  A Youth Friendly Community

"Acceptance...Collaboration...Empowerment - Investing in the Potential of Our Youth"


Did you know... 

Burlington was awarded a Youth Friendly Community Recognition Award through Playworks - The Ontario Partnership for Active Youth! A youth friendly community is one that actively supports and provides opportunities for the growth and development through play for youth aged 13 to 19 years of age. Play can include but is not limited to- recreation, sport, leisure, arts, drama, civic engagement, youth activism, volunteerism, social clubs and youth leadership.

Youth Engagement

The City of Burlington wants to hear from Youth. We want to know how best to reach them and provide them with recreational opportunities. We want to hear from youth about the types of programs they would like to participate in and want to ensure that they feel at home in the community. Look out for the City of Burlington Staff engaging with youth at different venues and events and let your voice be heard!