Celebrating Earth Day in Burlington - City launches new Solar Thermal Heating System at Tansley Woods Community Centre

For Immediate Release - April 22, 2010

BURLINGTON, ON –Tansley Woods Community Centre is now home to a new solar thermal heating system, part of the city’s growing initiatives to reduce energy consumption and its carbon footprint.

"Earth Day is a time to reflect on our city's environmental actions," said Mayor Cam Jackson. "As a community, we must do this every day and commit ourselves to environmentally friendly initiatives. The completion of this project confirms our city's ongoing commitment to environmental improvements and actions."

The 90 solar collector panels provide a total energy supply of 325 kW thermal and 25 per cent of the energy required to heat the pool at Tansley Woods Community Centre. This project will reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 67.5 tons each year. The solar thermal heating system will also reduce the city’s hydro consumption by approximately 101,481 KWh per year and natural gas consumption by 24,138 m3 and provide and estimated annual energy cost savings of $27,033. These savings will allow the new system to pay for itself in a little more than two years.

The $116,970 Tansley Woods solar thermal heating system received funding support through the Government of Canada’s ecoENERGY for Renewable Heat Program for $11,610.03, Ontario Solar Thermal Heating Incentive for $11,610.03, and through the Electrical Retrofit Incentive Program for $28,875.

“The Government of Canada is pleased to be investing in this solar energy project in the community of Burlington,” said the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Natural Resources. “We will continue to invest in clean energy projects that will create high-quality jobs for Canadians and help to protect and preserve our environment.”

The City of Burlington has developed a number of initiatives to reduce its energy consumption and its carbon footprint by equipping city facilities with the latest environmentally friendly technologies.

  • Sensors have been installed in City Hall meeting rooms and parking garages to ensure the lights are on only when necessary.
  • An energy management system has also been installed at all city-owned indoor pools causing the heating system to set back at 10 p.m. each night and ramp up again at 5 a.m.
  • The city has also passed bylaws to support the environment, such as the Idling bylaw that reduces unnecessary idling to one minute within the city.

Homeowners can also take their own initiatives in reducing their carbon footprint by following simple tips to be used around the home.

  • Covering home pools when not in use will not only reduce cleaning time, but will save the energy that is required to heat the pool.
  • Planting windbreaks around the outside of the house will save on heating and cooling costs
  • Installing LED lights and turning off appliances when not in use will also reduce the amount of energy consumed in the home.

For those in the community who are interested in environmental initiatives around Burlington, the city is organizing Take Action Burlington, a community climate change summit to bring local residents, businesses and community leaders together to address issues of climate change at the municipal level. The event happens Thursday, May 6, and requires pre-registration.

For more information regarding the city’s environmental initiatives or to register for Take Action Burlington please visit burlington.ca/takeaction


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