Burlington Fire Department invites residents to Take the Challenge during Emergency Preparedness Week

For Immediate Release - April 29, 2010

BURLINGTON, ON— The Burlington Fire Department is inviting residents to Take the Challenge during Emergency Preparedness Week, May 2 to 8. The Canada-wide initiative helps individuals and families become better prepared for emergencies.

"Not all disasters provide warning before they strike," said Deputy Fire Chief Tony Bavota. "Residents can plan ahead and maintain the necessary supplies to handle an emergency. A home preparedness kit and a family emergency plan can make the difference in a critical situation."

The Emergency Preparedness Challenge is aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of emergency preparedness through five age appropriate questions based upon information available on www.ontario.ca/beprepared. The challenge is hosted by Emergency Management Ontario with participants eligible to win a prize. The contest opens April 29 and closes May 31, 2010.

Through Emergency Preparedness Week, the Burlington Fire Department hopes to educate residents on emergency preparedness and help residents gain an understanding and knowledge what is needed during an emergency.

“The City of Burlington is committed to the safety and well being of Burlington residents,” said Mayor Cam Jackson. “Helping families to be prepared in the event of an emergency is an important part of that, and is one of the key services offered by the men and women of the Burlington Fire Department.”

The Burlington Fire Department is also encouraging residents to create a 72-hour kit that would be used during an emergency situation. Items such as a flashlight and batteries, first aid kit, medications, extra car keys, cash and a three day supply of food for each person should be included among other things. It is important to create a family emergency plan to ensure every member of the community is prepared for an emergency.

For more information regarding Emergency Preparedness Week or for a full list of items to be included in a 72 hour kit visit www.burlington.ca/fire


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Monika Rejnowicz
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Tony Bavota
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