Animal Control

PB - Animal ControlThe animal control service responds to calls for caring for stray, injured and sick domestic and wild animals within the City of Burlington. Animal control also enforces the City’s municipal animal control bylaw which includes provisions for dog licencing, attacks, cat microchipping, animals at large, poop and scoop issues, dogs on the beach, as well as prohibited and restricted animals to name a few. Animal control works towards making your community safe.

The Animal control service consists of Animal Care and Licensing staff that works at the Burlington Animal Shelter caring for the animals housed at the shelter, as well as Animal Control Officers who work in the field responding to animal related calls and by-law complaints placed by the public.

For animal control inquiries or to lodge a bylaw complaint please contact Animal Control at 905-335-3030.

Animal control does not respond to nuisance wildlife calls or wildlife that has taken up residence inside of homes. These calls should be directed to your local private humane wildlife control services.


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