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Dog Licencing Voucher

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Dog owners in the City of Burlington, Ontario Canada are required to licence their dogs in accordance with By-law 60-2005, as amended.

Dog Licence Fees

Spayed or Neutered Dog $25.00*
Unaltered dog (not spayed or neutered) $50.00

Dog Licence Fees - Late Fees

(February 01 to October 31)

Spayed or Neutered Dog $35.00*
Unaltered dog (not spayed or neutered) $60.00

All dog licences are valid from January 1st to December 31st

*Proof of spay or neuter must be provided to qualify for the reduced fee. If a dog has been spayed/neutered after they have been licenced the dog owner is eligible for a $25.00 refund. When a dog is sterile and can no longer reproduce dog owners will qualify for the reduced rate upon presentation of documentation from a veterinarian.

Applying for or Renewing your Dog Licence

Apply for your new dog licence online

Renew your existing dog licence online

Dog licences can also be renewed by mail or in person at the Burlington Animal Shelter or at any of these dog licensing outlets.

New Residents with Dogs

New residents of Burlington can obtain a City of Burlington dog tag free of charge in exchange for a current dog tag from their previous city of residence. Dogs must be registered within 30 days of moving to Burlington.

A prorated fee structure is in place for new residents with dog(s) who must register their dogs for the first time or for residents with newly acquired dogs. To receive this prorated fee owners must licence their dogs within 30 days of moving to the city or within 30 days of acquiring a new dog(s). All prorated licence fees are available at the animal shelter only.

Why Licence your Dog?

Licensing your dog gives you peace of mind. In the event that your dog wanders away from you or your property or is injured on the road, a dog license enables the city's Animal Control staff to contact you quickly and easily. Registration information is updated annually, enabling the City to respond in a prompt and efficient manner.

Who to Notify if your Dog Passes Away?

If you have a current dog license and your pet has passed away please let us know by emailing us at Your dog license record will be updated so that you will no longer receive dog license reminders for your dog. A pro-rated refund is offered by visiting the animal shelter in person (2424 Industrial Street Burlington, On) with a receipt of euthanasia or death certificate from your veterinarian, if your pet has passed away.

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