Site Plan Application Process

Council has delegated its approval authority for site plan applications to the Director of Planning and Building. Notwithstanding this, Council may at its own discretion “undelegate” the approval authority for a site plan application from the Director of Planning and Building back to Council. This action usually occurs if an application is controversial or if it generates a high level of public input and concern. A site plan application may also be brought before Council if the Planning Division and the applicant are not in agreement over the proposal.

There are three critical milestones that occur during the processing of a site plan application. They are as follows:

  • Submission of a complete application
  • Issuance of Draft Site Plan Approval; and
  • Granting Final Site Plan Approval.

While each point is important, the issuance of Draft Site Plan Approval signals the end of the technical review and establishes the parameters (conditions) under which Final Site Plan Approval will be granted.

A Building Permit cannot be applied for until Final Site Plan Approval has been granted.

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