Site Plan Application - Detailed Process

Detailed Site Plan Review Process

The following is a more detailed sequential overview of the Site Plan review process:

  1. Applicant pre-consults with Planning Division to discuss preliminary site plan.
  2. Planning Division provides feedback on preliminary site plan and applicant makes changes to plans as needed.
  3. Applicant submits complete site plan application (required application form, fee, studies, and plans) to Planning Division.
  4. Planning Division circulates the complete site plan application to relevant City departments and outside agencies with a request for comments and conditions within two weeks.
    • Ward Councillor is notified of application and in unusual or exceptional cases, a public meeting may be required.
    • Ward Councillor decides if the site plan approval will remain delegated to the Director of Planning and Building or undelegated to Council.
    • Decisions for refusal of a site plan application cannot be delegated to staff and must be undelegated to Council.
  5. Comments and conditions from City departments and outside agencies are received by the Planning Division.
  6. If necessary, revised plans are submitted by the Applicant to the Planning Division and re-circulated to all relevant City departments and outside agencies for review. Revised comments and conditions are requested within two weeks.
  7. If an application is undelegated to Council, Planning prepares report with a recommendation to Council for Draft Site Plan Approval (with conditions) or Refusal.
  8. If application remains delegated to the Director of Planning and Building, Planning staff assembles conditions of approval and issues Draft Site Plan Approval.
  9. Applicant satisfies conditions of Draft Site Plan Approval.
  10. Planning Division issues Final Site Plan Approval with Zoning Clearance Certificate.
  11. Applicant attaches Final Site Plan Approval to the Building Permit application and submits to Building Division.
  12. All site works are completed by Applicant and inspected by City staff.
  13. Securities are returned to the Applicant if site works are satisfactory.

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