Community Development Committee, July 12, 2010

Event date: Monday, July 12, 2010, at 6:30 PM

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AGENDA     ADDENDUM    MINUTES    WEBCAST  Recommendations from the Council Meeting of July 15, 2010.



1. Report recommending removal of 521 Hurd Avenue from the Municipal Register for demolition. (PB-54-10)
2. Report recommending removal of 2122 New Street from the Municipal Register for demolition. (PB-57-10)
3. Report recommending removal of 1308 Waterdown Road from the Municipal Register for demolition. (PB-58-10)


4. Report recommending removal of maximum floor area ratio regulation from the RO4 zone (certain lands in  the Orchard Community). (PB-52-10)
5. Report recommending approval of Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments to establish new policies and zoning regulations for ‘back to back’ townhouses in residential designations and townhouses in mixed use corridors. (PB-47-10)
6. Report recommending approval of a modified application for a Zoning By-law amendment submitted by First Capital Holdings (Ontario) Corporation, to permit additional restaurant uses in the Beacon Hill Plaza located at 2501 Guelph Line. (PB-23-10)


7. Report recommending the removal of the property at 5086 Lakeshore Road from the Municipal Heritage Register to permit demolition. (PB-65-10)
8. Memorandum from Councillor Rick Goldring, concerning a more sustainable approach to the Ontario Building Code and other matters. (CD-16-10, Addendum Resolution)

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