Community Services Committee Meeting - September 1, 2010

Event date: Wednesday, September 01, 2010, at 6:30 PM

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Agendas, minutes and reports from previous years can be found in the City's Meeting Calendar.

AGENDA   MINUTES   WEBCAST   Recommendations from the Council Meeting of September 7, 2010.

1.      Report recommending approval to award tender for the Kerns Road Southbound Lane Closure, Contract No.
        10-40. (E-71-10)   App. A
2.     Report providing an update on discussions with the LaSalle Park Marina Association regarding the development
        of Vision 2012. (PR-30-10)  Appendices ABC

        Note: There will be a staff presentation provided by Doug Pladsen, Community Development
        Planner,Sports & Recreation, Parks and Recreation Department.

3.     Report recommending approval to complete construction administration for the first stage of the King Roa
        grade separation and providing an update on the King Road grade separation. (E-59-10)

        Note: There will be a staff presentation provided by Scott Hamilton, Manager of Design and Construction,
        Engineering Department.

4.     Report requesting approval to transfer funds from an existing Public Art reserve fund to commission public
        artwork to be sited at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. (PR-54-10) Appendix A

5.     Report recommending approval of a funding arrangement on installation of Artificial Turf for the Nelson stadium
        artificial turf. (PR-45-10)

6.     Report providing a status update on work completed on the Burlington Transit operations centre renewal and
        expansion project. (TR-22-10)

7.     Report recommending that Council not approve the Ontario Bike Summit free transportation request. (TR-26-10)
        August 20, 2010)

Additional Information:

8.      LaSalle Park Marina Association Vision 2012 Covering Letter. (PR-30-10-1)

9.      Vision 2012 The Bigger Picture JVFA Business Case Final Draft. (PR-30-10-2)

10.    Vision 2010 Robertson Robertson Insurance Letter of Support. (PR-30-10-3)

11.    LaSalle Park Marina Vision 2012 Letter of Support from Aldershot BIA (PR-30-10-4)

12.    Vision 2012 JVFA Executive Summary Final Draft (PR-30-10-5)


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