Audit Committee Meeting- January 18, 2011

Event date: Tuesday, January 18, 2011, at 3:30 PM

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AGENDA    ADDENDUM    MINUTES    Recommendations from Council Meeting of January 31, 2011


1. Report providing information on the Parks and Open Space – Audit Follow up. (PR-06-11App. A
2. Report providing a summary of the Fire Communications Supervisory Organizational Structure Review. (CA-01-11)3. Report providing information on the Summary of Audit Results – Accounts Payable Audit. (CA-02-11)
4. Report recommending approval of the new Payment Card Policy as amended. (F-01-11) App. A  B 
5. Note: Report recommending approval of new Payment Card Policy (F-40-10) Previously distributed at Audit
    Committee of November 23, 2010. Report was referred pending amendments discussed by Audit Committee that
    are presented in F-01-11. (Report F-40-10 is included as Appendix A in report (F-01-11)
6. Report providing an update on the status of the 2010 Work Plan Status Report. (CA-03-11)
7. An Overview of Internal Audit – Role, Responsibility and Practice.
    Note: PowerPoint presentation provided by Sheila Jones, City Auditor.

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