Anti-idling tickets cancelled for Jan. 22 and 24 due to extreme weather

The City of Burlington reports that any tickets issued for vehicles idling beyond one minute on Jan. 22 and 24, 2011, will be automatically cancelled due to the extreme cold temperatures on those two days.

Under the Highway Traffic Act, vehicles may idle for the purpose of clearing windows in winter. However, drivers are encouraged to scrape their windows while warming vehicles for defrosting and not to rely solely on heating the vehicle to clear windows. The Halton Regional Police Service warns that leaving vehicles idling unattended in driveways can lead to theft.

Here are some warm-up tips for your vehicle:

  • The best way to warm up a vehicle is to drive it. With today's computer-controlled engines, even on cold winter days, no more than two to three minutes of idling is usually enough warm-up time before starting to drive. This also reduces fuel consumption and GHG emissions.
  • When stopping a vehicle for more than 60 seconds – except in traffic – turn the engine off. Unnecessary idling wastes money and fuel, and produces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.
  • Warming up the vehicle means more than warming the engine. The tires, transmission, wheel bearings and other moving parts also need to be warmed up for the vehicle to perform well. Most of these parts don't begin to warm up until you drive the vehicle.

Learn more by visiting Natural Resources Canada online.

The City of Burlington approved a revised anti-idling bylaw in June 2009 and began raising awareness of the environmental impacts of idling in 2003. Under the Idling Control Bylaw, idling is defined as a parking offence, and can result in a $150 fine.

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