Pier Questions and Answers

Pier Questions and Answers

September 27, 2011

  1. What are the next steps for the Brant Street Pier?   
    Graham Infrastructure has been approved by City Council as the successful contractor to complete the Brant Street Pier. The next steps are for the city to meet with Graham, sign the official contracts, and begin preconstruction meetings. The community will begin to see some activity on the site this fall as Graham brings in equipment and possibly an operations trailer.   

    People in the community will also see new hoarding and signage on the site as the city and Graham prepare to move forward on completing the Brant Street Pier.
  2. Who is Graham Infrastructure?  
    Graham Group of Companies is a North American-wide company, with a local base in Mississauga. Graham is the fifth largest construction company in Canada with more than 1,200 salaried staff and a 2010 revenue of $1.8 billion.
  3. What was the process for selecting a new contractor?
    The city hired a design engineer, external project management services and a procurement consultant to put together a tender package to attract competitive bids to finish construction of the pier using the existing design. The city pre-qualified seven contractors and went out for tender in July 2011.   

    The city received and publicly opened bids on Aug. 26, 2011, from the four pre-qualified contractors who submitted bids to complete the pier project. Prices ranged from $6.5 to $10.5 million, including HST at 13 per cent, with the lowest bid from Graham Infrastructure.
  4. When will the Brant Street Pier be finished?
    The city remains committed to building the pier as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible. Based on the schedule approved as part of the tender package, the Brant Street Pier will be completed in June 2013.
  5. Will the pier contain a slip for boating?
    The project includes a mini-ramp to the beach and a may include a small floating dock to be reported on at a later date. The original plan to for a 22-boat-slip marina is not part of this project.
  6. Did the city select the lowest bidder?
    The city reviewed all four bids to ensure they complied with the requirements of the tender documentation issued to seven prequalified contractors in July 2011. The total contract price of Graham's bid is $6,429,700, including HST at 13 per cent, is the lowest bid price.  
    The above bid does not include two optional items: a beach access ramp and additional concrete work for the waterfront promenade in Spencer Smith Park. Those costs are optional items to be added.
  7. How much will the Brant Street Pier cost to complete? 
    City Council has approved a total project cost of $14.4 million, including HST at 1.76 per cent,to complete the Brant Street Pier project. Graham Infrastructure's hard construction costs total $5.9 million (including provisional items) before HST.
  8. How will the city pay for the pier? 
    The original project budget of $9.2 million has some funding remaining. Council has also approved city funding of $5.2 million from the capital purposes reserve fund.  
    The City of Burlington thanks the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program and the Region of Halton for contributing to funding for the Brant Street Pier project as part of the Waterfront at Downtown Burlington. Burlington will benefit enormously for many years to come both directly through enjoyment of the new amenities and indirectly through the downtown waterfront's influence on Burlington's economic growth and tourism.
  9. What is the cost of taking down the pier?
    Removing the Brant Street Pier and abandoning the project would be equal to or more than the cost of completing the pier. The city estimates that removing the pier would cost $15.5 million, including covering costs so far, demolition costs and repaying other government funding. 
  10. How does the Brant Street Pier fit in with downtown Burlington?
    Burlington is a festival city, with award-winning restaurants and shops in the downtown, a beautiful waterfront, the popular Sound of Music Festival and Canada's largest Ribfest.  
    The Brant Street Pier is the final phase of the Downtown Waterfront Project that includes the expansion of the Burlington Art Centre; the construction of the 380-vehicle Locust Street parking garage; and Discovery Landing with its all-season Rotary Centennial Pond.  
    The city would like than the other levels of government for their patience in waiting for the pier to be completed.  
  11. What are some of the special features of the future Brant Street Pier?
    The unique S-shaped pier will be a signature destination and attraction at The Waterfront at Downtown Burlington. The pier will extend 132 metres (about 430 feet) from Spencer Smith Park over Lake Ontario, providing unique views of the lake and Burlington's shoreline. The pier deck will be elevated above the surface of the water with the lookout tower another nearly four metres (about 13 feet) above the main deck. 
    The Brant Street Pier includes environmentally-friendly features, such as energy-efficient LED lighting and a wind turbine to generate renewable energy for the pier. A concrete walkway will connect the pier to the existing promenade in the east end of the park.
  12. What are some of the delays with the Brant Street Pier project?
    The project began in fall 2006, with in-water work beginning in March 2007. A crane accident in August 2008 and complications following the first concrete pour in July 2008 are factors in the pier's construction delays. The project experienced a further delay when the steel in the structure failed quality tests in the summer of 2009.
  13. What are the legal costs associated with the Brant Street Pier?
    Legal costs are currently a confidential item. However, the city's solicitor will be bringing a report to City Council in fall 2011 to explore options for public reporting on municipal legal costs in general.
  14. How will the wind turbine work?
    The turbine is a 10 kilowatt capacity that can feed the pier's lighting, controls and mechanical room heating requirements. It can also feed into the power grid when power is not needed on the pier, such as during daylight hours or in the summer.


Thanks to our partners

The creation of the Brant Street Pier is made possible through funding partnerships with the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program, Halton Region, the City of Burlington and Burlington Hydro.

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For more information, contact 905-335-7841 or The Waterfront at Burlington Downtown at 905-335-7766

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