My Comments on the PanAm Stadium

Thank you for your all the emails and phone calls, providing me with your thoughts on this subject.

I have received a great deal of communication on this item - from absolute rejection to overwhelmingly positive responses.

Council approved a motion yesterday, 5-2, directing staff to do a preliminary investigation on this project. This by no means commits the City to anything. The report being requested from staff is to allow staff to gather the facts, speak with the other levels of government, and to provide Council with more information, including the identification of areas that have to be evaluated. The questions and concerns I am hearing from residents are the same questions and concerns that I have. I have supported the staff direction to get the answers.

If I may summarize my own views on this they are:

  • a. I do not want to incur any cost or liability to the residents;
  • b. I have a healthy level of skepticism and understand that the current proposal needs a great deal of vetting;
  • c. the proposal includes the opening up of planned and approved employment land in Aldershot which could be of meaningful economic value to the community;
  • d. I voted to approve the preliminary study because I feel that it would be irresponsible to not at least collect the facts and review what the benefit might be to the citizens of Burlington.

As I stated in my campaign, I am committed to fiscal responsibility and living within our means. Nothing has changed. My actions in regards to this issue are based on my responsibility to look at opportunities for the benefit of Burlington.

This started during the Christmas period which is unfortunate. Until December 27, 2010 I had not had any communication on this matter. I have purposely used the press to get this issue out to the public. As more information becomes available, I will communicate to the public through the City of Burlington website and through the local media outlets. To receive an automatic notification when information is updated on this page, please subscribe to the Mayor's webminder on my webpage.

Please continue to send me your thoughts on this project.

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