Speeding and Aggressive Driving

Speeding and aggressive driving in Burlington (similar to other municipalities in Canada and the United States) is a serious concern. The Traffic Services Section works closely with the Halton Regional Police Service on these and other high priority road safety issues. To help address these concerns there are a number of tools available, these include:  


1) Police Enforcement - The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) is committed to addressing ongoing traffic concerns, including speeding and aggressive driving. For further information on police enforcement traffic initiatives in the City of Burlington, please visit the HRPS website at  www.hrps.on.ca or contact the HRPS at 905-825-4747 ext. 2320.

2) Halton Community Road Watch Program - This program allows residents and motorists to fill out a Citizen Report form when they observe a motorist demonstrating unsafe driving behaviour. The completed form can then be sent into the HRPS for follow up. For further information on this excellent program please visit www.haltonroadwatch.ca.

3) Driver Feedback Sign Program - This new program allows residents to request driver feedback signs be installed on their street for a two or three week period. In order for the street to be considered for the DFS program, it can only have one travelling lane per direction and there must be a suitable location to install the DFS (i.e. light standard, utility pole, etc). These signs are intended to alert drivers of their speed, encourage compliance and improve road safety. For more information on this program or to request your street to be added to the list of roadways to be reviewed for the Driver Feedback Sign program please contact 905-335-7671 or 
E-mail  traffic@burlington.ca.  

 Traffic Calming

4) Traffic Calming Measures - To help address significant speeding and aggressive driving concerns, when programs such as the ones mentioned above have not had the desired effect, a resident can request the installation of traffic calming measures.  As per the Council approved Traffic Calming Policy, a written request is required. Once received, staff will poll the street in question to determine if a minimum 50%+1 of the total households support the installation of traffic calming measures. To see if your street is currently on the list of locations to be polled, click the following link Traffic Calming Request List. If Staff receives the required support, during the resident poll, then traffic studies will be conducted to determine if the technical warrant criteria has been satisfied to install traffic calming measures, subject to approval and available funding. For more information on Traffic Calming Policy or to request that a street be reviewed please contact 905-335-7671 or
E-mail : traffic@burlington.ca

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