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Burlington Fire Department Lifts Fire Ban

Burlington, ON—Aug. 10, 2011– A fire ban issued by the Burlington Fire Department prohibiting all outside fires has been lifted, effective immediately. 


On July 14, 2011 a fire ban was issued in response to the extremely hot and dry weather conditions in Burlington and surrounding areas. Recent cooler temperatures and improving weather conditions were factors in the decision to lift the ban. 

With the fire ban lifted, residents with open air burning permits are allowed to resume use of open-air fires for controlled brush burning and recreational fires. Though the fire ban has been lifted, residents are urged to use extreme caution while burning outdoors. 

Any burning within the City of Burlington requires a permit. Open air burning permits are not issued for areas in urban Burlington and the use of chimineas and fire pits is prohibited. 

“When the fire department receives calls from concerned neighbours about smoke from nearby open fires entering their homes, a responding emergency vehicle is dispatched. This means fewer resources are available to respond to priority emergency calls,” said Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Weber. 

Backyard fire pits, chimineas and outdoor burning devices that use propane or natural gas as a fuel supply do not produce excessive smoke or odours and are allowed in all areas without a permit. These burning devices are not permitted on apartment balconies and in some condominium complexes. Check with your landlord or superintendent about your building’s fire safety rules and precautions. 

The Burlington Fire Department will continue to monitor and assess the local wildfire threat, and provide updates regarding municipal open-air fire restrictions throughout fire season. 

No burning can take place during dry weather conditions, smog alert days, or open air burning bans. If you are unsure if a ban is in effect, contact the Burlington Fire Department at 905-637-8253. 

Visit for more information about open air burning and safety tips.  


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Burlington Fire Department issues fire ban


 BURLINGTON, ON—July 14, 2011– The City of Burlington Fire Department is putting in place a fire ban effective now until further notice. A fire ban prohibits all outside fires including permitted open air burns within the City of Burlington. This applies to controlled brush burning and recreational burning. The fire ban is put in place as a preventative measure to reduce incidences of brush fires. “Brush fires have a tendency to occur during hot, dry weather especially when there is a lack of significant rainfall as we have been experiencing during the past few weeks,” warned deputy fire chief Tony Bavota  According to Environment Canada, the forecast of hot weather with limited rainfall is expected to continue in the upcoming days for the City of Burlington and surrounding areas.   Open air burning, fire pits, and chimineas pose a risk to nearby combustible materials such as sheds, decks, landscape material, and increase the risk of brush fires. Bavota would also like to remind residents to be cautious when using outdoor candles and other backyard devices that may produce heat or flame. People failing to comply with open air burning regulations in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code are subject to prosecution with a maximum fine of $50,000.  The City of Burlington has set a cost recovery charge of up to $350 per responding vehicle for the Burlington Fire Department to respond to a location where open air burning is not approved. All burning permits are suspended until further notice to protect public safety. No burning can take place during dry weather conditions, smog alert days, or open air burning bans.  If you are unsure if a ban is in effect, contact the Burlington Fire Department at 905-637-8253.

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