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The City of Burlington Open Data service is part of the E-Government Program which has a mandate to expand online services and information sharing to our community. The Open Data service makes raw City data available for public usage and new application development. The Open Data service is just one of the innovative ways we are evolving our customer service practices using online technology.

By making City data available to the public, the City of Burlington’s Open Data offering supports the organization’s commitment to:

  • Improving citizen engagement.
  • Enhancing transparency and accountability to its residents.
  • Enhancing service delivery.
  • Supporting fiscal responsibility.

The Open Data program is expanding to offer more data, please visit the Open Data Catalogue to see what new and exciting data has been made available.

What is Open Data?

Open Data is the data provided via the city web site in raw form so that interested users can perform their own analysis on the data, or utilize the data to develop new and innovative desktop, web, and mobile applications (apps). This information may also be combined with data that is available from other sources to provide useful new insights or even applications that can be used by others, referred to as “mashups”.

The City of Burlington makes this data available in a variety of formats that can be easily used by common computer software packages and computer programming languages (machine readable format) to ensure it is openly available to all interested parties. The use of the data is subject only to the Open Data Terms of Use.

Many Canadian municipalities are providing open data with Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto collaborating to develop best practices. The Federal and Provincial governments have also introduced Open Data initiatives to make Federal and Provincial data available to the public and developers.

For more information, please view the Presentation to Council, July 2011.

Why Open Data?

The City of Burlington Open Data initiative, and making City data available in an open way, provides a number of benefits to the Community:

  • Making City data available publically increases transparency and accountability of your municipal government.
  • Open Data enhances service delivery for municipal services through new and innovative uses of public data and applications developed using Open Data.
  • Opening data for use by local developers creates an economic driver in the community.
  • Citizens can access City data providing an opportunity for citizen engagement in their local government.
  • Open Data is consistent with the right of access purpose of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) and the Federal Open Government Resolution.

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Open Data Burlington is a component of the E-Government Program.