Committee of the Whole, (CoW) February 6, 2012

Event date: Monday, February 06, 2012, at 9:30 AM
Location: City Hall, Room 247 2nd Floor

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AGENDA   MINUTES     Recommendations to Council on February 21, 2012


Transit Master Plan Workshop:

1.  Memorandum dated Feb 1, 2012 from Councillor Sharman regarding the Transit Master Plan (CW-04-12-1)
     and the Transit Performance Data 2010/2011:
     Ridership & RC Comparisons (BT Revenue Ridership and Total Boardings, 2010 vs 2011 Comparison);
                         (BT - Conventional Bus Services Revenue/Cost Ratio by Route, 2010vs2011 Comparison
     Capacity Graphs by Route:                       (Route 1 West Non Rush Hour - Peak Hour
     (Route 1 West Rush Hour - Peak Hour)    (Route 10 West Non Rush Hour - peak hour)
     (Route 10 West Rush Hour - Peak Hour)  (Route 11 South Non Rush Hour - peak hour)
     (Route 11 South Rush Hour - Peak Hour) (Route 12 East Non Rush Hour - peak hour)
     (Route 12 East Rush Hour-peak hour)      (Route 15 North Non Rush Hour-peak hour)
     (Route 15 North Rush Hour-peak hour)    (Route 2 South Non Rush Hour-peak hour)
     (Route 2 South Rush Hour-peak hour)      (Route 3 North Non Rush Hour-peak hour)
     (Route 3 North Rush hour-peak hour)       (Route 4 East Non Rush Hour-peak hour)
     (Route 4 West Rush Hour-peak hour)       (Route 5 East Non Rush Hour-peak hour
     (Route 5 East Rush Hour-peak hour)        (Route 6 North Rush Hour-peak hour)
     (Route 6 South Non Rush Hour-peak hour) (Route 61 North Rush Hour-peakhour)
     (Route 62 North Rush Hour-peak hour)      (Route 8 East Rush Hour-peak hour)
     (Route 8 West Non Rush Hour-peak hour)
     City Wide Data: 
     Accumulated Passenger Boardings Based on Passenger On-Off Count Nov/2010 
     Rush Hour Seated Capacity Utilization Map
     Non Rush Hour Seated Capacity Utilizazation Map;
     Busiest Direction Non Rush Hour Seated Capacity Utilization Map;
     Busiest Direction Rush Hour Seated Capacity Utilization Map
     Capacity Utilization Simulation:
     Weekday Capacity Evaluation for Peak and Non Peak Hours based on 2010 Annual Ridership

2.  Memorandum from Councillor Sharman regarding the transit performance data document
     of Feb 3, 2012 (CW-04-12-2)

3.  Draft Final report on Bus Terminal evaluation, Dillion Consulting (CW-04-12-1)


1.  Jeff Casello, PhD, PE, Associate Professor, School of Planning, Civil and Environmental Engineering,
     University of Waterloo, Challenges and Directions for Transit in Small to Midsize communities. (CW-01-12

2.  Richard Puccini, P. Eng., Transportation Planner, Dillon Consulting, regarding the Burlington Transit
     Master Plan ("CW-02-12")

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