How to keep coyotes and other unwanted wildlife out of your backyard this spring

Burlington, Ont., March 14, 2012 – With spring just around the corner, City of Burlington Animal Control is reminding the community that with warmer weather often comes a greater chance of wildlife sightings. In particular, there has been an influx of coyote sightings across the region.

“While some residents may be concerned if a coyote is spotted, these animals are not considered to be a threat to public safety,” said Dave Lake, supervisor of animal control.  “Coyotes sometimes get a bad rap due to their curious nature during daylight hours but the reality is that they are actually quite shy and non-confrontational.”

Coyotes typically mate from January to March so it’s not unusual to see a few coyotes at this time of year, especially near ravines or wooded areas. However, the city together with the Ministry of Natural Resources offers information and resources to concerned landowners to help discourage coyotes (and other unwanted wildlife) from entering their property. Some tips include:

• Keep areas near buildings free from clutter
• Cut down tall grass and weeds on the property
• Repair any openings under buildings where coyotes may den
• Never feed coyotes or leave food outdoors for any animals or family pets
• Store garbage in a sealed steel container, preferably one with a wildlife-proof lid and keep it in a secure place until garbage day

If you are approached by a coyote:

• Make yourself appear larger and make noise by shouting or clapping your hands together
• Always stay calm and hold your ground
• Never run

For more preventative tips and information about coyotes please visit or the Ministry of Natural Resources website at


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