City and region set to increase waste diversion with centralized waste sorting stations


Burlington, Ont. - March 29, 2012 - The city launches its Know where to throw public space recycling campaign this month. The program is a key part of Burlington's Towards Zero Waste strategy.

The city and Halton Region have teamed up to introduce GreenCart collection to nine city buildings, allowing people to divert GreenCart and Blue Box items away from the landfill.

The facilities include Appleby Ice Center, Mainway Recreation Centre, Burlington Seniors' Centre, Tansley Woods Community Centre, Burlington Animal Shelter, Central Recreation Centre, Aldershot and Centennial Pools and City Hall.   

"It's about following through on our strategic plan, Burlington, Our Future, and taking our commitment to protect the environment seriously," said Mayor Rick Goldring. "The city has a responsibility to decrease waste and reduce our environmental impact. We encourage residents to separate waste at home, we need to provide the same opportunity for them - and for staff - at our facilities."

The city is removing stand-alone garbage and recycling containers and replacing them with centralized waste stations - single units that have three colour-coded openings for the collection of different waste streams: green for organic (like food), blue for recyclables (like newspapers and plastic bottles) and black for waste such as yogurt containers and candy wrappers).

"This really is a simple way for staff, residents and the city to reduce our environmental footprint," said Allan Magi, executive director of corporate strategic initiatives. "This campaign is another step in the journey Towards Zero Waste."  

"Halton residents have embraced the GreenCart program at home and at school, which has led to 60 per cent of residential waste being diverted away from the landfill site," said Gary Carr, Halton's regional chair.  "By adding the waste-diversion programs to Burlington public spaces we are continuing to work together to protect and preserve the environment and ensure that Halton Region remains a waste-diversion leader in Ontario."

For more information on the City of Burlington and the Towards Zero Waste initiative, please visit the City's website at or call Sean Kenney, Waste Diversion Coordinator, at 905-335-7600, ext. 7359 or e-mail For information on Halton Region's waste management programs, please dial 311 or visit



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