Accessibility design standards approved by city council

Burlington, Ont., April 11, 2012 – Another milestone has been reached in the city’s goal to create a more accessible city with council approval of Burlington’s Accessibility Design Standards.

The standards will ensure new construction and renovations to existing city owned and leased facilities are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

People with disabilities represent a significant and growing part of our population and as our population ages the instance of disability will increase. Full participation through accessible design is good for business and good for the community.

“The City of Burlington is committed to ensuring that people of all ages and abilities enjoy the same opportunities and access as they live, work, play, visit and invest in our city,” said Mayor Rick Goldring. “We recognize that enhanced accessibility provides increased opportunities for everyone both now and in the future.”

The standards incorporate universal design principles to create buildings and public spaces that are usable by all people. Information and specifications in the standards have been gathered from a number of international best practices and set goals that are achievable and will improve accessibility in Burlington.

“The use of the city’s Accessibility Design Standards is now a requirement for all new facilities and major renovations to properties owned and leased by the city,” said Bruce Krushelnicki, Burlington’s director of planning and building. “The new standards will guide the design process and provide a clearer understanding of how to create a more usable environment for everyone.”

In addition to the use of these standards in the construction and renovation for city owned and leased facilities, the city will encourage the use of the City of Burlington Accessibility Design Standards in the development and construction of all new facilities, private or public, throughout the community.

Copies of the City of Burlington Accessibility Design Standards are available to download at

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