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We know Burlington is a great place to live, work and play and we want to make it even better. I want to address that challenge by inviting world-class, visionary speakers to fire our imaginations through the INSPIRE Burlington speakers' series. This series explores ideas, frames global issues as they impact Burlington, examines solutions, and investigates ways to shift perspectives on the unique opportunities coming our way. It is a marketplace of innovative thinking that encourages significant public participation through question-and-answer periods

I am hosting a new event this year designed as a collaborative conversation between guests - Inspire Burlington: Millennial Voices.

I am often inspired by the creativity, innovation, energy and entrepreneurship of the young adults in Burlington who are starting businesses, launching their careers and inspiring younger generations. You are an integral part of our community.

Inspire Burlington: Millennial Voices
June 25 | The Burlington Hive | 6:30 to 9:00 pm
(429 Elizabeth Street)

I will be hosting this unique Inspire Burlington that is specifically focused on engaging with young adults. This will not be the typical Inspire event - no guest speaker - but an interactive, collaborative conversation between those in attendance.

Social media and technology have created many opportunities to connect with more people across the city and the country, and different generations who have not always been engaged in politics in traditional ways. I will be running a conversation over Facebook and Twitter #ChatWithRick over the next several weeks to hear what you have to say - your ideas - which will open up the conversation on June 25.

I want to hear more from you - the young adults of Burlington - who live, work, study, and contribute to our community. We are laying the foundation for future generations to build upon and we need your input.

I value authentic conversations and hearing different personal perspectives about issues and ideas. We want to involve you in some very important plans and projects, so together we can produce positive results for future generations. So let's start the conversation on Twitter and Facebook to understand what we need to be talking about on June 25.

#ChatWithRick so that your diverse and informed points of view can help me and Council make decisions that are right for the future of our community, our city and you. 

This focus group will be limited to 40 people on a first-come, first serve basis. Register now to attend on June 25th.



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