Development and Infrastructure (D & I) December 3 2012

Event date: Monday, December 03, 2012, at 6:30 PM

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AGENDA   MINUTES     WEBCAST   Recommendations from Council Meeting, Decmeber 10, 2012


Official Plan Review Video Presentation – ‘We’re Growing in Place: The City of Burlington’s Official Plan Review’


Staff may not be in attendance to respond to queries on items contained in the Consent Agenda.  Members of Council are requested to contact the department head or author of the report prior to the meeting for any necessary clarification.

1.   Report recommending assumption of subdivision for Emery Phase I, Registered Plan
      20M-1007 (E-8-12) (Appendix A)

2.   Report recommending assumption of subdivision for Sundial (Burl 7), Phase 2,
      Registered Plan 20M-1036 (E-20-12) (appx A)

3.   Report providing information ON 2010/2011 Annual Road Safety Assessment (TS-31-12)

4.   Report recommending approval on proposed school crossing locations (TS-35-12)

5.   Report supporting small FIT rooftop solar projects (CSI-25-12)


      BY-LAW 2020 FOR 2072-2102 GHENT AVENUE (PB-73-12)

     Report providing information regarding a Rezoning Application for 2072-2102
     Ghent Avenue.

7.   Report recommending approval of Lost Forest Park-Trailer Park Business
      License Amendment (appx A) (appx B) (appx C) (appx D)
      (for appx E-please see clerks dept.) 


8.   Report providing information update on Community Energy Plan Update (CSI-26-12)

9.   Report providing information update on Enbridge Pipeline proposed “Line
      flow reversal” (E-53-12) (appx A)

10.  Report recommending repeal designation by-law for 496 Walkers Line (PB-93-12)

11.  Report providing update on City-Initiated housekeeping amendments 2020.331
       (semi-annual) (PB-56-12)


12.  Report recommending Official Plan Review: Draft Employment Lands Study Phase 2 
       (PB-101-12),(PB-101-12-2, Appx A), (PB-101-12-study-part 1) 12,684kb 
       (PB-101-12-study-part 2)  6,158kb      

        Note: Draft Employment Lands Study will be distributed under separate cover. 

13.  Report recommending approval on Lakeshore Road Bike Lanes (TS-36-12)

Additional Information:

Correspondence from Margo Shuttleworth, resident of Cottonwood Drive, requesting support for an additional crossing guard in the Shoreacres neighbourhood. (TS-35-12-2)

PowerPoint presentation from Silvina Kade, Senior Planner, regarding application to amend Zoning By-law 2020 for 2072-2102 Ghent Avenue (PB-73-12-3)

PowerPoint presentation submitted by Emil Sekerinski, 2101 Deyncourt Dr., regarding application to amend Zoning By-law 2020 for 2072-2102 Ghent Avenue (PB-73-12-4)

PowerPoint presentation from Lynn Robichaud, Sr. Sustainability Coordinator, regarding the Burlington Community Energy Plan Update (CSI-26-12-2)

Power Point presentation submitted by Michelle Bennett, representing BurlingtonGreen regarding the Enbridge Pipeline (E-53-12-2)

Correspondence from Paul Toffoletti, Past Chair of Burlington Sustainable Development Committee outlining recommendations on the issue of the Enbridge Pipeline. (E-53-12-3)

Recommendations submitted by Jim Clemens, Chair of Heritage Burlington regarding the request for repeal of heritage property at 496 Walkers Line (PB-93-12-2)

Consultant Report submitted by R. J. Samborski regarding the property located at 496 Walkers Line (PB-93-12-3)

Confidential legal department report regarding legal advice respecting Employment Lands Study Phase 2 

PowerPoint presentation submitted by Fabio Cabarcas, representative from Halton Region Health Department, regarding the implementation of Bike Lanes along Lakeshore Road (TS-36-12-2)

PowerPoint presentation provided by Nicole Pettenuzzo, Coordinator of Zoning, regarding proposed city-initiated amendments to By-law 2020 (PB-56-12-2)  

Brant Street Pier Update (# 22 )

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