Budget and Corporate Services, December 4, 2012

Event date: Tuesday, December 04, 2012, at 9:30 AM

Listed below are the agendas, minutes and reports for the Budget & Corporate Services Committee of Council.  All documents are in pdf format and require the Adobe Reader be installed on your pc.  The Adobe Reader is free and available for download from the Adobe Website.  

AGENDA     ADDENDUM    MINUTES   WEBCAST   Recommendations from Council December 10, 2012


Staff may not be in attendance to respond to queries on items contained in the Consent Agenda. Members of Council are requested to contact the department head or author of the report prior to the meeting for any necessary clarification.

1.  Report recommending approval of the borrowing by-law and security agreement. (F-48-12)

2.  Report providing information of the contingency reserve. (F-43-12)
3.  Report recommending approval of the scale of cost by-law for tax sale proceedings.

4.  Report recommending approval of the updated delegated authority by-law. (CL-25-12),
     (Appx A)


5.  Report recommending approval of the Community Engagement Charter.
     (CORPSERV-4-12) (Appx A), (Appx B), (Appx C),(Appx D), (Appx E), (Appx F)

6.  Report providing E-Government Status. (CORPSERV-3-12)

7.  Report recommending approval of roles and responsibilities of local boards.

8.  Report recommending approval of the Director of Finance or designates to sign
     all insurance litigation related documentation(F-44-12)


9.   Confidential Appendices Schedule 5 and 5.1 of finance department report
       F-43-12 providing  the status of the Reserve contingencies as of
       September 30, 2012.
10.  Confidential Appendices A and B of finance department report F-44-12
        recommending approval of the Director of Finance or designates to sign
        all insurance litigation related documentation. 

11.  Confidential legal department report regarding Nelson Aggregate Joint
        Board Decision.

12.  Confidential legal department report providing a quarterly litigation update.

13.  Confidential Legal report regarding Official Plan Amendment No. 38 to the
        Region of Halton Official Plan update.


14.   Report recommending approval of a by-law to provide tax relief for property
         located ar 740 Griffin Court owned by the Burlington Humane Society

Additional Information:

PowerPoint presentation by staff regarding E-Government Status

PowerPoint presentation by the City Public Involvement Coordinator regarding
the Community Engagement Charter (CORPSERV-4-12-2)


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