Why Work for the City of Burlington?


Great City….

Conveniently situated in the heart of Southern Ontario, between the waterfront of Lake Ontario and the serene beauty of the Niagara Escarpment, the City of Burlington’s 170,000+ residents make up one of Ontario’s fastest growing prosperous communities. Here, your career and lifestyle will benefit from excellent healthcare, educational, and recreational facilities and well planned and prosperous industrial segments such as financial services, high tech, and advanced manufacturing. We are a community that attracts people largely because we offer amenities of larger metropolitan centres yet embrace the neighbourhood values and feelings that are traditionally offered in a small town.

  • Burlington is recognized as one of Canada's most dynamic cities. Strategically located west of the GTA, in the heart of the golden horseshoe and close to the U.S. border, Burlington attracts the best in business from across Canada and around the world.
  • MoneySense magazine has named Burlington the best medium-sized city in which to live in Canada.
  • Burlington is an environmentally-focused, fiscally-responsible city of approximately 172,500 people.
  • Burlington is a diverse, energetic and innovative community with a well-educated, highly skilled workforce. Burlington’s core economic strengths are advanced manufacturing, software development, financial services, biotechnology, environmental and logistics enterprises.
  • Burlington is a festival city, offering great opportunities for visitors, including the Bruce Trail on the Niagara Escarpment, award-winning restaurants and shops in the downtown, an award-winning waterfront, the popular Sound of Music Festival and Canada’s largest RibFest.
  • Burlington is committed to managing growth in the city, and is working with the Region of Halton to meet the requirements of the province’s Places to Grow plan.
  • Burlington is an inclusive city, and has been recognized by Burlington residents for its great recreational facilities and attractions and accessible public buildings, winning the Burlington Post People’s Choice Award in 2008.
  • Burlington has kept both its agricultural and commercial roots, emerging as one of the most liveable cities in Canada.       

Great Employer….

The City of Burlington has both a unionized and non-union work force.  Our unionized workforce work in the following areas:

C.U.P.E. Local 2723 Burlington Transit
C.U.P.E. Local 1540 Engineers, Transportation, Parking, Traffic Signals, City Hall Custodial
C.U.P.E. Local 44 Roads and Parks Maintenance, Arenas and Pools
Burlington Professional Firefighters Association Fire Department


submission_489Physical Environment

City employees work in a variety of environments throughout Burlington including recreation facilities, fire halls, parks, buses, works yards, and City Hall.

City Hall is located in the heart of the downtown, a short walk to the Lake Ontario.  Many offices have a view of the lake, neighbouring parks, and there are many unique and one of kind shops downtown to enjoy.

Burlington Transit and the Roads and Parks Maintenance Departments are located on Harvester Road.   Both facilities offer clean, and safe work environments. 

Our parks and recreation department can offer a variety of work settings including many community centres, arenas and parks situated across the City.

With 7 fire halls strategically located across the City, our fire halls are designed to accommodate a 24/7 service and offer fitness facilities, kitchens and rest areas.

Employee Communications

Given the variety of work locations, employee communications is very important to the City of Burlington and there are a variety of programs, formal and informal, in place to keep employees up to date on the latest information and news.

Employee Newsletter (Focus): This source for City news is published four times per year.  Employees contribute articles to the publication and the newsletter is printed and distributed to every employee.

Intranet Site (COBNet): Employees can learn about the latest corporate news, buy and sell personal items, make carpool arrangements, view daily media clippings and city related issues or sign-up for a training course offered through the City of Burlington.

City Manager’s Anonymous E-mail: Employees have the opportunity to pose questions anonymously to the City Manager on issues of concern.  Responses to staff questions are posted on COBNet for all staff to read.

General Manager’s E-mail: In addition, staff can e-mail any General Manager , ask a question of interest and receive a response.

Employee Survey: Every two years staff participates in an Organizational and Individual Health Survey.  Data gathered through these surveys are compared year to year in order to gain valuable information as what is going well, where improvement can be made and programming for the wellness programs. 

Community Involvement: Community involvement is high on the City’s list of priorities.  The City generously supports the United Way through a variety of staff initiated programs and events.  The United Way Fund raising Committee organizes several events throughout the year including barbecues, fire engine pull, gift basket auction dress down days and payroll deductions. 

Working Hours

Our employees work a variety of hours.  For many of the non-union employees we have flexible working hours that allow staff to balance their personal and work priorities.We also have employees who work shifts and find that this too is a benefit as it allows them to plan out and balance their work and personal lives.

The City of Burlington also allows alternative work arrangements.  For example, if an employee needs to work a compressed work week or reduced hours to assist with elder care or day care responsibilities their department may consider an alternative work arrangement to support their employee.

The City of Burlington is committed to ensuring a healthy work environment and to providing work that can be carried out in a manner that is safe for all employees and the public.

Our goal is to minimize the hazards that may cause accidents and injuries.  This is done through training and education, informing employees of their health and safety rights and responsibilities, so that they may be empowered to participate in our health and safety program.

Work SafeHealth, Safety and Wellness

Our corporate goal is to reduce our lost time incidents to zero through increased awareness, accountability and communication. 

Internal Responsibility System: As the employer, the Corporation is ultimately responsible for worker health and safety. In keeping with that responsibility, Council and Senior Management will make all reasonable effort and measure to ensure that safe work practises and procedures are followed and safe working conditions are provided.

Our goal is to minimize the hazards that cause accidents and injuries. This shall be done through training and education, informing employees of their health and safety rights and responsibilities, so they may be empowered to participate in our health and safety program.

Supervisors will take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of the worker but each employee must personally conduct him/herself in a manner that promotes safe conditions and actions. Reporting all work related incidents including near misses helps to revise work practices to prevent recurrences.

Safety Consciousness:  All accidents can be prevented. Most workers who suffer injuries were either unaware that a hazard existed, or failed to take sufficient precautions to eliminate the hazard. The safe worker is aware of the hazards inherent in his or her job and works in such a way as to eliminate the risk of injury. 

Success can be measured by the reduction of lost time incidents and the duration of those incidents. Over the last 5 years, the City has continued to see a marked decline in the number of reported lost time with medical aid incidents and associated shifts lost. Our corporate goal is to reduce these numbers to zero. Two important prerequisites to safety consciousness are a healthy, rested body and a clear and rested mind. With this in mind, the City of Burlington promotes the highest possible standards of workplace safety for all employees.

Safety is Everybody's Business! 


The City of Burlington recognizes that greater health and wellness among employees leads to improved satisfaction and morale which contribute to a more effective and healthy organization. There are many aspects to health including physical, mental, intellectual and social well being. Creating a healthy workplace requires a shared responsibility between employees and management.  

Healthy Workplace

The City of Burlington, together with Tri-Fit has developed a wellness program that all employees can participate in.

Our program includes such features as:

  • On-site fitness classes
  • Nutrition Information and Demonstrations
  • Corporate Challenges/Events such as “Winning at Losing”
  • Fitness support and education

Great Opportunities…

Interested in a career with the City of Burlington? 

Please click on Welcome to Career Opportunities link on our front page. If you are interested in see examples of the types of careers and occupations available at the City of Burlington, click on Career Paths on our front page.

We are a community where people live, work and play.

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